Week 17 Legislative Update

The 2022 Iowa Legislative Session

Week of May 2nd, 2022

This Week in the Iowa Legislature

We’re in our second week of overtime at the Capitol, and no end is in sight. The Senate worked on Monday sending six bills to the Governor and two bills back to the House. None of the bills passed by the Senate were related to the issue holding up final adjournment, the Governor’s school choice and education transparency proposals. The House gaveled in and out without any floor work on Monday and Thursday. This was the extent of legislative action for the week as we await a breakthrough in final negotiations.

While every legislator is not be at the Capitol this week, we understand leadership and budget chairs are still actively working through budget negotiations. A handful of bills are still expected to move this session but are being held up in these final negotiations. We expect things to move quickly once a deal is struck on the Governor’s education bills and a final budget target, which we understand are all related.

Governor Reynolds recently told reporters she still intends to pursue her education reform bills for a while longer. However, she also stated she’s not willing to shut the state government down over it. Iowa’s fiscal year ends on June 30th, and budgets would need to be passed prior to this date to keep the state open for business.

The gridlock between both chambers and the Governor has been centered around the same education issues for the past several weeks. Because of this gridlock, we expect to see more of the same until a deal is reached. Either the House passes some form of the education reform bills acceptable to the Governor or the Governor concedes until next year. We suspect leadership and the Governor may be awaiting results from the June primaries before deciding on whether or not to insist on school reform legislation this session. We will continue to keep you updated with the major happenings of session until Sine Die.