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The Advocacy Strategies team takes deep pride in representing the best interests of our clients, not the advancement of a political party. We are non-partisan and work with both sides of the aisle on every issue. Our goal is to have relationships with 150 state legislators, the Executive branch and their staffs, combined with our relationships with state agencies, regulatory committees and commissions; our team is prepared to assist you with your lobbying needs. Our team has a consistent record of moving our clients’ legislative agendas forward by utilizing their networks of advocates, volunteers, and employees to promote their issues. We believe success is a collective effort, that’s why we become deeply involved with our clients, their staffs, volunteers, boards, etc. Because our firm specializes in public affairs, advocacy and public relations, we are able to turn your priorities to statewide campaigns if necessary.

Government Relations Services

  • Planning legislative agendas/strategies
  • Participation in legislative meetings
  • Coordination of lobby days and related events
  • Meeting facilitation with key policymakers
  • Analysis of proposed Administrative Code changes
  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Creation of talking points & educational pieces
  • Coalition building & participation
  • Communication with legislators
  • Bill tracking, review & analysis
  • Drafting of bills and amendments
  • Attending political party events
  • PAC management & fundraising

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Demonstrated Effectiveness categories are alphabetized as follows: Agriculture, Appropriations, Education, Health, Judiciary, Public Safety, Regulatory, Tax Issues, Veterans


  • Engaged with lawmakers to create a Butchery Innovation Fund and Training Program with ongoing state dollars to support small and medium size meat lockers and their expansion across the state.
  • Ensured ongoing state funding for the Local Produce and Protein Program which began during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Established funding for the Local Food and Farm Plan.
  • Worked to ensure the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program is fully utilized.
  • Highlighted the need for Iowa’s farmers to own renewable electrical generation.
  • Protected Iowa’s water quality by defeating harmful policies that degrade our waterways.
  • Led the initiative to pass legislation creating a turtle-harvesting season.
  • Facilitated an agreement on Pesticide Drift Testing between IDALS and the State Hygienic lab to improve testing response times for local farmers.


  • Secured infrastructure funding for Regents’ institutions, Easter Seals, rural YMCAs, water trails, and dam mitigation.
  • Secured state general fund dollars for the Easter Seals Rural Solutions Program, state Epilepsy Program, state Hepatitis Education and Outreach Program, AIDS Drug Assistance Program, children’s vision screenings, Cosmetology and Barber Tuition Grant Program, Children’s Obesity Prevention Program, Vaccines for Children program (VFC), Free Clinics, Refugee Programs, Iowa Collaborative Safety Net Provider Program, Drug Repository Program, the state Tobacco Control Program, Refugee support program, veteran’s programs, brain injury programs and services, HCBS Waiver, cancer screening programs, preschool programs, childcare assistance programs, and Healthy First Five initiative.
  • Passed and secured funding for the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program that provides malpractice coverage for volunteer providers in a free clinic setting.
  • Worked to establish the Rural Primary Care Physician Loan Repayment Program and $1.7 million in funding annually.
  • Assisted in the creation and $400,000 in funding of the Rural Iowa Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Loan Repayment Program.
  • Secured state funding for seed money for the EveryStep Grief and Loss Program to operate in rural school districts.
  • Lead the initiative to establish a home modification grant program to help older Iowans living with a disability stay in their home to avoid costly long-term care.
  • Increased the percentage of surcharge funding available to E911 centers throughout the state.


  • Implemented the Dyslexia Task Force recommendations, ensuring educators are trained on dyslexia to better serve all Iowa children.
  • Managed legislation that established a Dyslexia Task Force in the Department of Education.
  • Updated driver’s education curriculum to include distracted driving prevention training.
  • Increased tuition grant funding for Cosmetology and Barber students by incorporating their program into the For-Profit Tuition Grant Program.
  • Passed legislation to allow Iowa to enter into the State Authorization Reciprocity agreement.
  • Passed legislation requiring vision screenings for school aged children.
  • Worked to maintain Iowa Code sections to ensure appropriate standardized education assessments are implemented as intended.


  • Worked with stakeholders to pass comprehensive concussion legislation for high school sports which establishes a training education program and requires a medical release for reentry into sports play.
  • Secured funding for a mental health education program to bring provider education to medical students.
  • Worked with coalition partners to pass comprehensive telehealth legislation.
  • Collaborated with a coalition to pass legislation that establishes exceptions to a health plan’s step therapy protocols (also known as “fail first”), thus strengthening the physician-patient relationship and protecting access to treatments for patients with chronic conditions.
  • Developed and implemented a multi-year campaign to pass and implement a comprehensive compassionate medical cannabis program which allows for growing and distribution of cannabis in Iowa.
  • Passed a comprehensive bill to lower drug costs while improving transparence by setting out the pathway for pharmacists to substitute biological drug products for which the FDA has determined they may substitute for prescribed brand-name biologics.
  • Led a coalition of advocates to pass legislation to improve access to medication for rare diseases by requiring Medicaid to consult medical experts in their decision-making process.
  • Passed legislation that allows access to Epidiolex, a medication with CBD for rare forms of Epilepsy, if it has successfully completed the FDA process.
  • Mobilized consumers & advocates to pass legislation that require private insurance companies to prior approval requests for medicine within 72 hours for urgent claims.
  • Developed and implemented a multifaceted campaign of various stakeholders to pass the Medical Cannabidiol Act.
  • Passed legislation requiring private insurance companies to ensure co-pay equity for physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.
  • Supported the enactment and funding of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act.
  • Implemented a multiyear campaign to pass polysomnography licensing legislation, which requires background checks and appropriate training for sleep professionals.
  • Secured inclusion of the Iowa Dental Home Plan in the Health & Human Services Appropriations Bill to provide dental care for adults.
  • Mobilized consumers to pass legislation that requires private insurance companies to offer a benefit for necessary prosthetic devices.
  • Worked to update the definition of “diabetes” in state insurance code and increased the number of training and education hours available for patients diagnosed and living with diabetes.
  • Worked with stakeholders to implement Medicaid Expansion and ACA Exchange health care plans that cover multiple services while ensuring affordable plans.
  • Lead a multi-year campaign to pass the Healthy Kids Act of 2008 that established health, nutrition and CPR certification requirements for students, school districts and accredited non-public schools.
  • Managed a multi-year campaign for the passage of the Smoke Free Air Act.
  • Secured language allowing natural hair braiding professionals to practice without a full Cosmetology Arts and Sciences license.


  • Collaborated with stakeholders to advocate for statewide human trafficking prevention by passing legislation to empower local law enforcement to respond to complaints and protect trafficking victims.
  • Facilitated and passed municipal recreational facility liability reform.
  • Developed and implemented the legislative plan that ultimately lead to the decriminalization of HIV transmission.

Public Safety:

  • Updated the definition of 911 telecommunicators/dispatchers, recognizing their role as public safety telecommunicators and first responders.
  • Secured passage of legislation allowing rescue and hazmat response vehicles to be included in the provisions as emergency vehicles that can ignore stop signs and lights, as well as exceed the speed limits in the case of emergency situations.
  • Amended Iowa’s “Move Over, Slow Down” law to define “utility maintenance vehicle” and broaden the definition to include a broad array of vehicles that need space to do their job on Iowa’s roadsides.
  • Passed legislation to place county emergency managers on local 911 service boards.
  • Advanced two pieces of legislation that addressed distracted driving.  One made texting while driving a “primary” offense, making Iowa’s no-texting-while-driving law enforceable for the first time.  The second addressed distracted driving, providing enhanced punishments for drivers that cause a death while using an electronic device.
  • Passed legislation that included Emergency Management Commissions in the Iowa Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC).
  • Passed legislation requiring safe installation and operation of inter connections between distributive generation facilities and electric distribution systems.
  • Passed legislation improving the management and funding for local Emergency Management Commissions.
  • Passed legislation allowing local emergency managers to run for elected office.
  • Collaborated on Disaster Response legislation that exempts out-of-state businesses and employees performing disaster work from certain taxes, fees, licensing, and registration order to provide services in Iowa during a disaster.


  • Collaborated with legislators in both parties to ensure protections for licensed professionals when changes were made to diminish licensure laws.
  • Passed legislation allowing the sale and use of electric bicycles (e-bikes) on Iowa’s recreational trails and pathways.
  • Passed legislation allowing public utilities flexibility when making improvements on existing infrastructure or connections to the existing system.

Tax Issues:

  • Closed the Hotel Motel Tax loophole, securing tourism funding for local communities statewide.
  • Amended the sales tax rebate program for the Knoxville Racetrack, allowing rebate dollars to flow directly towards track and infrastructure improvements.
  • Developed and implemented a multiyear campaign to raise the tobacco tax by $1.00.
  • Equalized the E911 wireless surcharge and the wireline surcharge at $1.00, providing an increase in resources to Public Safety Answering Points.


  • Passed legislation renaming Highway 20 as the Iowa Medal of Honor Highway recognizing veterans and their sacrifice to our country.
  • Passed two of the largest veteran tax reduction bills in Iowa history — Military retirement pay income tax exemption and elimination of property taxes for 100% service connected disabled veterans.
  • Worked to improve the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund and fund through Iowa lottery ticket proceeds.
  • Implemented educational and hour requirements for County Veteran Affairs Offices.
  • Worked to improve access to employment opportunities for veterans returning to Iowa by passing Veteran’s Preference legislation.


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